SEED Engineers is a design consultant for the building services industry established in 2010. We provide innovative and sustainable solutions to building projects all across Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region.


Our vision is to foster healthy buildings and healthy people through every aspect of our company, client interactions, and public engagement. As a business, our mission is to outwork our vision by delivering high quality, affordable, and sustainable solutions to our clients via our Sustainability Engineering and Environmental Designs (SEED) that focus on the life of the building. Our mission and vision are underpinned by Our Values that guide and support our actions and provide the essence of our company culture.

Rob Lord, Director
SEED Engineers


As a design consultant for the building services industry, we at SEED Engineers understand that producing “any” design is easy – it is the production of an optimal design that is challenging, but ultimately more rewarding. The optimal design not only balances the costs, purpose, value, impacts, and quality of the design, but the design process itself must be executed with speed, precision, and coordination to satisfy new technology and industry demand. We believe that the optimal design is not just based on ‘project costs’ but ‘whole-of-life costs’, so we take into consideration the installation, maintenance, energy efficiency, and environmental impact.

At SEED Engineers, we are capable of achieving the optimal design for healthy buildings and healthy people through our team, our industry knowledge and experience, and our skills and resources.

Our Values

Our commitment to fostering healthy buildings and healthy people is reflected in our company values. These values form a central part of our company culture and how we support our clients with meaningful and successful outcomes for the life of the building.


Customer Focus

At SEED Engineers, we are focused on providing a compelling experience for our customers. Consequently, we are committed to constantly improving client experience, customer trust, and client communication to impact healthy buildings and healthy people.

Knowledge Sharing

We believe that knowledge sharing is one of the most critical aspects to produce optimal designs. Consequently, we regularly seek input from a variety of expertise within our team, taking a multidisciplinary approach in achieving any project’s potential for the life of the building.

Care of Environment

Care of the environment is of primary importance to us as a sustainability consultant. To witness healthy buildings and healthy people, we understand that we must not only value the environmental impacts of our projects, but also to ‘walk the talk’ of sustainable practice within our own company and community.


Within SEED Engineers, we value fairness by providing equal opportunities for all types of people and genders within the industry, the community, and our company. 

Constant Learning

Our belief in the importance of knowledge to the optimal design urges us to value constant learning. Not only do we value our own professional development but we also support local learning institutes to enhance the creative thinking of the next generation.