SEED hosts educational presentations for a variety of different industry groups. These presentations are prepared specifically to educate our potential clients about us, how we fit into their world, and to raise awareness of concepts within the industry.

One of our strengths is in the diversity of design experiences of our leaders. By sharing the lessons learnt and the science behind these experiences, we hope to improve outcomes for future projects.

The typical presentation lasts for an hour and comprises 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of questions.

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Most of these presentations are awarded CPD by CPD-managing associations for Architects, Engineers and GSAPs. We have an agreed process with GBCA, AIA and Engineers Australia for seeing CPD accepted for these sessions. For AIA, these presentations fit under the category of “formal learning”. We will consider joining the REFUEL program if there is a positive response to our seminars.

To claim CPD, it is arranged with the organisations’ CPD department that SEED leaves the attendant with the PDF presentation and the attendant sends in the PDF. The attendant’s submission is then compared to the attendance sheet that we also lodge and the master PDF left with the organisation. The CPD organisation retains the right to deny CPD.