For builders, we have the following list of educational presentations that you may be interested in:

Sector           Topic

   Climate                             How to bring climate resilience to your next project.

   Energy                               Section J NCC 2019 – changes are coming. What opportunities and challenges does the new code bring?

  Hygiene                             Mould in the weirdest places and how to minimise it.

    HVAC                                 Performance approaches to carpark ventilation. How to, what to look for, and why not?

   Design                               Building techniques that save money for services trades.

   Design                             What works and what does not work (yet) in BIM.

   Design                             Innovation in a D&C world.

   Project                               Project specific value management workshops.

The typical presentation last for an hour and comprises 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of questions.


These presentations are prepared specifically to educate our potential clients and to raise awareness of concepts. One of our strengths is the diversity of design experiences in our leaders. By sharing the lessons learnt and the science behind these experiences, we hope to improve outcomes for future projects.

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