Here at SEED Engineers, we produce evidence-based designs by utilising a skill called knowledge management to assist us with data gathering. Knowledge management (KM) is a collection of systematic approaches to help information and knowledge flow to and between the right people at the right time, in the right format, and at the right cost so they can act more efficiently and effectively to create value.

Knowledge management underpins the key performance approaches we use in our organisation.  Innovation is frequently driven by necessity and the research undertaken to understand constraints often provides knowledge for the solution. We use this process to enhance our technological knowledge and credibility by utilising academic literature to produce high-quality evidence-based designs for healthy buildings and healthy people.


Customer benefits from our use of data gathering and knowledge management include:
  • Cost savings,
  • Time savings,
  • Increased health benefits for the building and its occupants,
  • Outside-the-box innovative solutions, and
  • Confidence in the capability of the design.


Here’s The Thing! is our blog about our most recent knowledge management projects.