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In layman’s terms, a space leased as a commercial kitchen needs to run kitchen exhaust ducts through fire-rated risers to discharge 1m above the roof (per AS1668.2-2012), or else, it requires a performance solution addressing odour nuisance to discharge at low level.


We often observe kitchen designers arranging ventilation designs to discharge at low level without addressing the fire & odour risks of this type of discharge. One of the reasons this occurs is that the ventilation code permits low level discharge if the design is “highly engineered”, yet there is no code definition of what this term means. We (SEED) believe this clause means the designer will take responsibility for the design they produce.

We are regularly involved in dispute resolution where a member of the public has suffered a major asthma attack or has complained they cannot sell their apartment, as a result of the low-level discharge.   When confronted with the complaint, the designer will claim their design was “approved by the Council” or “approved by the certifier”, and state their responsibility is absolved. This is a common issue that occasionally gains public attention.


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