King Island Meat Co.

“The King Island Meat company is a restaurant and a meat smokery located in Paddington, NSW. SEED Engineers was engaged to design an effective and cost-efficient kitchen ventilation system with a vertical discharge.

This involved CFD odour modelling to ensure that no bystanders or customers would experience odour nuisance outside due to the cooking and meat smoking, thus reducing the chance of any complaints made against King Island Meat Co.

Veritech grease filters and an Ozone generator were used to ensure that no grease or odour (below compliance) is exhausted into the local atmosphere, in addition to an innovative swirl diffusion mechanism that ensures effective dilution with outside air, immediately upon discharge.”

Client: Austmont PTY LTD
Work Type: Fitout Design, Performance Approach, Certification, Kitchen Equipment Certification
Sector: Hospitality (e.g., fast food store, cafe, restaurant, hotel, resort, pub, casino)
Size: 78sqm
Disciplines Engaged: Mechanical