Here’s the thing, SEED has a blog! This section is multi-purpose, with the aims to inform the public and to encourage discussion. Our blog has been separated into two parts, SEED News and Here’s The Thing!

SEED’s news section (below) will be utilised for general business notifications and exciting things that are happening at SEED. This is our way of “broadcasting” our updates as they happen. Click on the first tile to read more about the most recent news at SEED.

Our New Website

SEED is incredibly excited to finally have launched our website this month! It has been a long time coming and we are proud to have a well-oiled and functioning website.

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Sydney Office

We have recently opened our Sydney office as of 1st Feb 2018! We are hoping that the new office and staff located at Sydney will make our projects in Sydney and NSW more efficient by providing expertise on the ground when and where it is needed.

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Melbourne Office

We are excited to announce we have also opened our Melbourne office in early February. We are able to provide expertise and consulting services on a more national level now that we have expanded into NSW and VIC.

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