We love to solve problems.

  • It does not matter whether the problem is commercial, legal, or technical.
  • It does not matter whether the location is within Australia or overseas.
  • It does not matter what type of building or portfolio you have.
  • It does not matter what building system is involved.
  • We will have a team that can find the solution for the life of the building.

We have design engineers, computer modellers, commissioning agents, site engineers, drafters, and a knowledge manager.

We aim to provide an efficient cost-effective design that is adaptable whilst maintaining energy efficiency. We believe that an effective solution is not based on ‘project costs’ but ‘whole-of-life costs’ – we take into consideration the installation, maintenance, energy efficiency, and environmental impact.

We provide a range of expert opinions and consultancy for design and construction, design and tender, proposed, recently constructed, existing, and mature buildings. We specialise in residential, high rise / multi-unit developments, commercial, retail, educational, health and aged care, tenancies, and industrial sectors.