Our fire and wet fire team is experienced in handeling all types of projects to ensure compliance with all relevant standards.


Our fire detection (and wet fire) services also involve:
  • Fire sprinkler systems,
  • Fire hydrant and hose reel systems,
  • Hydraulic calculations,
  • Mains testing,
  • Fire tank design,
  • Use of ‘activated sub-ducts‘ to improve the extraction rates,
  • Fire detection and alarm systems,
  • Emergency warning and intercommunication systems (EWIS),
  • Kitchen fire suppression systems,
  • Gaseous fire suppression systems,
  • VESDA systems,
  • Value engineering,
  • Fabrication shop drawings,
  • As-built drawings,
  • Site fire inspections,
  • Commissioning management to ensure compliance with codes, client requirements, and expectations,
  • Functional testing,
  • System baseline data restoration,
  • Performance based design,
  • Full building design,
  • Master planning,
  • Smoke spread computer modelling,
  • Passive smoke extraction designs,
  • Due diligence inspections, and
  • Lodgment and liaison with local authorities.



This video displays our innovative solution for smoke exhaust and stair pressurisation issues caused by the building’s changed classification. We determined a “sliding roof panel” would provide the necessary outcome to our Client without reworking existing services in the building.