Our sustainability engineers can utilise energy modelling software to predict and provide advice and certification on:
  • Greenstar greenhouse gas emissions,
  • NABERS ratings,
  • Building upgrades and payback time,
  • Thermal comfort,
  • Peak energy demand, and
  • Section J.

These images show an output of a daylight and glare analysis. The purpose of the analysis is to determine the amount of natural light within an occupied space to improve the visual comfort for the occupants. This analysis ensures that a Daylight Factor (Percent of Natural Light) of >2 is present and that the glare is reduced to qualify projects for 3 points under Green Star credit 12.0.

Model showing the facade solar contribution towards an building cooling system kWhr/m2.

Example of SEED’s Greenstar energy models.

NABERS building model showing shading from surrounding buildings.